Newsletter September 2015

Six Weeks in.....

We thought it helpful to give you an early update as to how things were going at the Foresters Arms with our new tenants and asked Keith and Lesley to write a few words. Here they are:

We took over the running of The Foresters on July 27th. We have now got six weeks under our belts and what a six weeks they have been. We have been fortunate to have inherited a great team, who have been very patient in letting us get to know the systems in place, especially in the dining room. Thanks guys. Little things have surprised us. We knew you liked cask ales but wow, the good folk of Coverdale sure love their wine. We have changed the wine supplier and you seem to like the results. We have continued the policy of using local breweries for their excellent beers but, we will introduce some well-known national brews into the mix.

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Newsletter July 2015

New era at the Foresters Arms!

We told you in the last newsletter that Lesley and Keith Sharpe had agreed to become our new tenants at the Foresters, we are delighted to tell you now that the new era has started as from 27th July 2015, as they are in and running the pub and we wish them every success in their new life at the Foresters Arms. We asked them to contribute a little something for the newsletter and this is what they had to say:

Keith and Lesley Sharpe, an introduction:

“It is with great pleasure, that as your new tenants, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Keith and Lesley, and we come to the Foresters with over 5 years’ experience in the licencing trade. Previous to this we were in the retail industry, running our own home and gift store in the North East, and prior to that we were both Sales Managers, Keith in mobile communications, and Lesley in waste management. So we have a diverse background.

We are from Durham, but have been in Yorkshire for about five years. We are excited about taking over the running of such a beautiful pub. Following Kimberly and Allan will not be easy, as they have done a fantastic job. However we are looking forward to putting our own stamp on the place. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Any changes that we do make will be gradual and subtle, so the dynamics of The Foresters Arms will remain.

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